The Flawless Gift List, Part 2.

If you missed Part 1 of this article you can read it here.

Gift registry3 more quintessentials for the perfect wish list gift list

Choose classic items

Although it may seem tempting, adding fashionable items to your list may not be wise. You want to be gifted with things that last, that remind you of your special day and make guests feel they have contributed toward the well-being of your partnership in some way.

*Think classic colours for crockery and bed linen. Think appliances that will be used daily.

Theme your list

If you are really struggling to keep your list focused – theme it to a room in the house.

*Bedroom must-have’s, healthy eating preparation essentials, all white bathroom make over – particularly useful if you already have most of what you need but feel like one area of your home needs a facelift.

Pick a store that understands your needs

Finding a provider that is customer service driven will make all the difference to your registry experience.

What to look for:

  • Exchange policy (before delivery, ask for a gift list so you can swap out gifts if need be)
  • Free delivery
  • Online and in-store options for guests
  • Dedicated personnel available to answer your questions at any time
  • A service that keeps in touch regarding gift availability

Did you find everything you needed to know about creating the perfect gift list in this article?

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