What you didn’t know about Canadian Down

Shop smart, avoid the marketing trap.

It’s old news that marketers around the globe want to sell things to you. To get your attention products are often positioned to you in such a way that they meet your demands. Products are advertised using industry buzzwords. Take Egyptian Cotton, for example. This raw material has earned a solid reputation of quality. Today, millions of consumers ask for this kind of cotton by name when they make a purchase.

Sounds great, right? You want it, they give you what you want. But at a price…

Following on from the Egyptian Cotton example: its popular, but this doesn’t mean that this kind of cotton is the only one of such a fine quality.

You’re in for a surprise: products of equal quality are available to you and due to their ‘lesser’ popularity, can be yours at far less of an expense!

Canadian is the new Hungarian.

Hungarian Goose Down is renowned as the benchmark for the highest quality, most expensive of down fillings available for duvets. It provides the most warmth with the least weight according to marketers.

Have a look at this video that shows how down expands to trap air to keep you warm:

However, Canadian Goose Down, whilst being the lesser known fillings, matches and perhaps exceeds the quality of Hungarian Goose Down.

Here’s why:

  1. The big freeze: Canada is super cold most of the year. and to survive water fowl must insulate themselves by producing tremendous amounts of down. Farmed geese roam free, exposed to winter temperatures and are allowed to live as close to their natural counterparts as possible.
  2. Setting industry standards: To raise Canadian Geese are producers must adhere to the highest standards of animal husbandry. Geese are fed the best quality food and allowed to graze on fresh pasture. This produces birds that are large and strong.
  3. Maturity is key: Canadian geese are processed when they are mature (21-24 weeks) meaning the down that is harvested is both super soft and light; and strong. This means your Canadian goose down product will last longer than other fillings.
  4. Highest industry fill power: Canadian Goose Down has the highest fill power of any down –  800+, and never less than 700. This means that very little down is actually used to make your duvet light and puffy, trapping air between its fibers. You’ll be kept you super warm with very little weight at all.
  5. Scarcity maintains quality: this down is only harvested twice a year (over Thanks Giving and Christmas) and it is predominantly farmed in a small region of Canada on Hutterite farms. Small amounts of down are released onto the market and buyers must tender to be able to buy the down, this ensures that Canadian Goose Down products are sold through credible channels.

If you are thinking of getting toasty this winter under nature’s finest Canadian Goose Down Duvets check the label, ask for Canadian by name . . . before everyone else catches on.

Canadian Goose Down Pillows might be an option if you enjoy a super soft pillows.






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