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Your activities in the hours preceding your bed time can affect how long you sleep and how well you sleep. How you sleep in turn affects your mood and energy levels the next day. We each have our own sleep preparation ceremony when sleep might otherwise be evading us. Add a little Granny Goose to your bedtime ritual with Gaynor, as she shares her own sleep-rites.

Jump into a made bed

I start my bed time ritual long before the sun goes down by making my bed look inviting. Part of this ritual entails fluffing my pillows, featherbed and duvet, straightening out my flat sheet and other linen and most importantly, changing sheets and pillowcases twice a week. Nothing brings on the slumber-readiness like fresh clean linen. Oh, and a fresh set of pure cotton pj’s whenever possible (every day).


Slumber sense

Anything lavender scented is welcomed into my bedtime routine. Even if its a sprig from the garden. My favourite is to spritz the linen with diluted lavender oil (be careful of causing oil stains and follow my recipe). What you can also do which I love, is to have lavender scented drawer liners especially for the linen and pajama drawer. Lavender essential oil is distilled relaxation!



During the day I love a cup of English tea. But heading toward the evening it is better for me to stay away from caffeine snd it’s awake-making properties. It is nice once all the cooking and washing up is done and things begin to wind down to make a pot of something herbal like Rooibos, or even teas with lavender buds added.

Turn the lights down low

Forget e-books and iPads. I turn down the overhead lights and switch on the lamps. That makes the house seem quieter. It is so easy to fall into the habit of checking your email and social media feed one last time before bed, but I find a relax more by reading a proper old-school paperback. Even if its only 2 pages before I drift off.

How do you ensure you nod off nicely each night? Share your ritual and win with Granny Goose – VISIT the BEDTIME RITUAL competition page.



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